DER COURIER is a world-wide operating courier service, express-delivery and parcel service. We provide a dispatch service from or to Austria. Great Britain, France, Spain, the USA, Canada, China, Japan etc.
With us, you can ship documents, parcels, whole pallets and also containers per sea freight or air freight.

We will offer this service to you in a short time.

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Here are examples of our services:

A company from Hong Kong needs an express service to carry documents time-sensitively per overnight to Berlin. Searching on Google the despatch clerk notices the homepage of DER COURIER. With the shipping expenses calculator the despatch price of the express delivery is indicated to her simply and easily. As a new customer the billing details of the company are quickly setup and the despatch order can be quickly input. The despatch price is indicated to the customer before the placing of order. The courier service picks up the express freight in the agreed time-frame and carries the parcel per overnight to the destination in Berlin.

A group of students are planning a foreign stay within Europe. Austria, England, France and Italy are especially liked. Their luggage will often be carried as excess baggage in the aeroplane, but as an alternative our courier service can carry out the baggage shipping. The collection can be arranged comfortably for the return journey from abroad.

A car supplier from France regularly needs a shipper who can carry out the transport of bulk goods like pallets with car parts and who can collect these shipments in Poland. More often a courier who transports parcels with production goods in the USA is also required. DER COURIER offers these logistics

An on-line shop from Spain has sub-contracted their Logistics to DER COURIER. The entire storage and warehousing has been handed over, from storekeeping and commissioning to despatch. After transmission of the order data to the logistics enterprise of DER COURIER the products are commissioned, packed and despatched precisely and on time. Already during the day following the order the product can be delivered within Germany. In Europe the parcel is usually delivered to the customer after two working days. Due to the central location of the logistics warehouse within Europe the delivery to the customer can be achieved quickly and economically per parcel service or overnight. The central warehouse for commissioning is in Mönchengladbach, Germany.